And that’s a wrap. #Raiders season over after losing a close in Denver in Week 17: Viva Las Vegas! #RaiderNation

That’s it. The now, Las Vegas Raiders. Raiders miss their shot at the playoffs after coming up just short in the last play of this game against the Broncos. Personally, not sure I’ve ever seen a more terrible officiating job ever in an NFL game, before today. First quarter Hunter Renfrow was in the end zone, called down short, fine. Whatever. The next play, 4th down, full back Alec Ingold clearly reaches the ball over the goal line and they still don’t count it. Absolute horseshit, these refs really need to be held accountable for terrible calls, and things need to be made right, instead of apologies the next day. Either way, the Raiders came back, scored a touchdown with 6 seconds left and instead of going for the tie they went for 2 and the win, and the Las was batted down. Which didn’t matter much anyway, the Titans handled the Texas today, which knocked the Raiders out of contention, but a win would still have been nice.

All said and done, this Raiders team wasn’t expected to even be in discussion. Multiple “expert analysts” said the Raiders wouldn’t even get 4 wins again this year. They finished 7-9, losing a couple stupid games in the middle of season that they should have won, and blew some. That happens in the NFL. It just didn’t work out for them this year. As far as I’m concerned, they over-achieved. Most importantly they improved. They’re going to have the offensive rookie of the year in Josh Jacobs who had 1150 yards in just 12 games, and have a top 5 finisher in defensive rookie of the year in Maxx Crosby, who led the team with 9.5 sacks, and 16 tackles for loss. He played all 16 games. Really good stuff. A lot of these rookies performed magnificently. Also, this team was robbed their starting MLB, and had 5 other defensive starters out for the year from injury. I promise you this team will improve again next season. With that being said, they will improve with Derek Carr under center as well. Maybe they do draft and get a solid young back up to sit behind him a year or two. But DC will be the guy come 2020. With absolute dog shit receivers, minus Hunter Renfrow, DC completed %70 of his passes and only threw for 8 interceptions. He may be too conservative at time, but he takes care of the ball, he knows this offense, Gruden likes him, no matter what these clowns say, and he will be back, like it or not.

Unless something freaky with the new stadium happens, these Raiders are from Oakland no mode. Las Vegas Raiders. Kinda has a nice ring to it actually. Better than Los Angeles, or San Antonio, or any of the other bullshit cities that were originally rumored. Sun City, I can’t wait. It’s going to be magnificent. A new stadium, fully loaded, young, hungry roster, I’m expecting a big year next year. Another rookie class to build on, and hopefully a healthy team. I can’t help but think this team is destined for the playoffs. I’m already excited, let’s fucking go baby. To new beginnings in our new home….


Viva Las Vegas! 🏴‍☠️

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