#Texans ruin my night, end up getting blown out by #Cheifs

Houston ought to be ashamed of itself for calling this fucking team theirs. What an absolute embarrassment . How does this shit happen?? The Texans take a 24-0 lead in the FIRST QUARTER, and end up losing the game by 20??? Jesus Christ. It was a magnificent start to this game that had me smiling and cheering, being the Chief hater that I am. The Texans looked unbeatable, unstoppable, a force that could not be fucked with. They made every play possible in the begging of the game, including a bomb TD pass, and a blocked punt turned TD. I was planning on having a day on these disgraceful Kansas City fans. They fucking suck and I wanted to put them in their place. They’re fucking losers, but no. Texans not only took that away, they got embarrassed.

After leading 24-0 after one quarter they were losing 28-24 at half. Think that’s bad? The chiefs ended up scoring over 40 unanswered points. My god. Chiefs win 51-31 and become the first team to be down 20+ and end up winning by 20+ in NFL history, that’s right… not even the Raiders have blown a game this badly, surprisingly enough. This is exactly why no one will ever take the Houston Texans seriously. Thanks a lot guys, thanks a lot.

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