Raiders Vegas residency starting off with a bang! Viva Las Vegas! #RaiderNation #NFLDraft ##NFL

Yeah yeah, I know… it’s more the NFL that sets up these drafts, not the team who’s city hosts, but I’m counting this as a win for the inaugural season for your Las Vegas Raiders. You’ve all seen the draft set up renderings by now, they look incredible. But what did you expect? It’s fucking Vegas.

Yes, the stages is in the middle of the Bellagio fountains, where there is a nightly water show.

Yes, the draftees will be brought to stage by ferry. BALLER

If you look in the middle of that screen, look closely, it’s not Tom Brady, it’s not Tua, it’s not Joe Burrow, it’s not Jameis, it’s not anyone but it IS Derek Carr, he ain’t going anywhere folks. Stfu already.

Do we not remember the Golden Knights first season? It was an electric factory. People said they wouldn’t have any fans, Vegas was too small, no one would care about sports there, blah blah blah. Vegas took all that and shoved it right up the critics assholes and ripped them a new one. Look at them now, arguably the best fan base in the NHL. I have no doubt in my mind the Raiders will follow that trend and be just as electric as the Golden Knights. And this is just a beautiful beginning, showing off our new, beautiful, city. Sin City. Poetic really, Sin City is the Raiders city. Love it. I can’t wait for 2020.



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