Trade deadline ideas for #Heattwitter

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday afternoon, at 3pm eastern time. As usual, the last 48 hours is when the rumors start flowing. I’ve been hearing that they are trading for basically every name you can think of. Andre Drummond, Jrue Holiday, Danillo Gallinari, Dewayme Dedmon, Brandon Ingram, you name it.

What is the best option though? To be honest. I don’t think they make a trade. Anyone that Pat would like to get rid of, and wouldn’t hurt the team (Dion Waiters, Kelly Olynyk), I am doubtful anyone has interest in. The fact is, if they really want to make a trade Miami has to include at least one of Nunn, Herro, Justise and if not, I doubt anyone takes the bait. As much as I would love another big man, like Andre Drummond, to pair up with Bam and solve that rebounding issue, I am seriously doubtful that happens without ruining the young core. In the long run, probably not worth it. But if they did do that, could make a serious run at the championship.

So, I guess we will sit back in watch and see what happens. Maybe we will get lucky and get rid of Dion and Kelly for a decent rebounder. Wouldn’t be too mad if Pat moves on from Justise either, but due to his injuries I’m assuming no one would trade for him anyway. We will see. Buckle up, NBA trade season is almost always a lock to be a little crazy.

In Pat We Trust 🔥

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