Trade Deadline Madness!!! #HeatTwitter #LETSGOHEAT #ELHEAT

When the people starting doubting him, it’s like he heard the criticism over the last couple years. Pat god damn Riley does it again. He really is the god father of the Miami Heat. Clearly, the Miami organization was not happy with how things had gone the past couple over years, because this team has been completely remodeled.

Today at 3pm was the trade deadline. It broke last night that Miami was trading Justise Winslow for Andre Iguodala. A proven veteran, finals MVP, to prepare for the playoffs. Awesome. Justise has been suffering from a multitude of injuries over the years, and hasn’t held up his expectations, so we moved on. I wish Justise nothing but success in his still young future. But this move was big for leadership and experience. Also, a bigger body for rebounding. But that was not all.. There were talks throughout last night and into today that Miami was trying to conduct another sign and trade with Oklahoma City Thunder for Danillo Gallinari. Which in the end fell through, which would have been a three team trade including Memphis, OKC, and Miami with Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder, Solomon Hill, Justise Winslow, James Johnson, Dion Waiters, and Gallinari.

Since that trade fell through, and Gallinari was no longer on the table, the Heat give Memphis Justise, JJ, and Dion for Iguodala, Hill, and Crowder. This is a great deal for Miami. Iggy is a proven champion and defender. Crowder is a decent shooter and perimeter defender, and Solomon Hill is another big man, which the Heat desperately needed to grab those boards. They are consistently giving second chance points and being out rebounded.

Not ONLY is all that true, but Miami also situated their cap space to have an extra $27mil this offseason, and be in position to secure TWO max contracts come 2021. Incredible. Pat Riley you dirty dog you. It’s been rumored now by several sourced including Kendrick Perkins and Rachel Nichols that Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Victor Olidipo are some of the players who have their attention directed at Miami. Now, while that is all speculation, the Heat still made this roster much better for the post all star break play off run. Dion Waiters an James Johnson were basically worthless, only played to show off a little bit and get their trade stock up, and it worked. replacing those guys with more guys who will get solid minutes and more contribution is great. Give our stars Jimmy and Bam some more rest during games, and these guys can still keep things going.

Can’t even tell you how excited I am for the rest of this NBA season, especially now that the Heat are in the mix. Lets get this shit. It’s our time again.


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