Miami Takes 2 of the 3 skills Competitions #HeatTwitter #NBA #NBAALLSTAR

Yes, that’s right. The Miami Heat dominates All-Star weekend. Bam Adebayo showed off his skills in the Skills Competition which is a course that ends with a three point shot. Dwyane Wade, Bam’s former teammate, Heat legend and Hall Of Famer, was commentating and alluded to Bam’s lack of three point shooting in which he then nailed it, duh. Bam is a god damn super star and there’s nothing these bitches can do about it. Not to mention, according to Vegas odds Bam was the least likely victor at 12-1. Shove it.

Speaking of super stars, Derrick Jones Jr. Airplane mode. That is a dangerous man right there folks. That was a great dunk contest. I don’t care what any body says.. Dwyane Wade was not the only one to give Aaron Gordon a 9 on that decent last dunk. He pulls out the tallest guy in the league, Tacko Fall who stands at 7 foot 5. When you do that, you better jump over him.. and he didn’t, though that was his goal. Scottie Pippen and Candice Parker gave him a 9 as well. So shut the hell up about Dwyane Wade playing favorites, he wasn’t the only one. Aaron Gordon can go cry about not having two trophies and he’s done trying, that’s fine. Fuck off then no one cares. The dunk contest will go on with out your cry baby little ass. Salute the champion Derrick Jones Jr. who put on a show.

Salute the Miami Heat who dominated this shit, hopefully dominate the All-Star game tonight at 8, and get ready for a nice play off run. We made the trades, we got the free agents, now let’s go get this shit. This weekend was our coming out party.

Watch the fuck out.

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