My quarterback is really starting to scare me… #RaiderNation #NFL

Now that the Super Bowl is over, and there’s nothing else to do, the rumor mills are swirling. Of course, Derek Carr being right in the thick of it. Which isn’t surprising, since yet again the Raiders failed to miss the playoffs, and everyone blames just about everything on DC, whether it’s his fault or not. Most things, in my opinion are not, but hey that’s just me. The hardos will call me a “Carrdashian” or whatever new term their salty asses have made up for the week, but my opinion will not changed based on all the Twitter GM’s who go around and like to harass anyone who likes Derek.

The big news every day is that Tom Brady is coming to Vegas. Which I definitely don’t buy for a second. It just makes 0 sense to me to make that move. As much as Jon Gruden “loves veteran QBs” even he has to think that is stupid. Why get rid of a 28 year old QB making $25mil a year, for a 43 year old who needs a new contract reportedly $30mil a year, probably only 2 years, and has been in the same offense for TWENTY YEARS??? Why? That makes no sense to me at all. What do I know? I’m just some asshole writing a stupid blog that 3 people will read.

Now, in the middle of all these rumors, Derek starts posting pictures with no captions, leaving people wondering if he’s trying to say something, or maybe messing with us??? IDK but it’s starting to get to my head. Here’s what I’m talking about.

There’s the first one. Now, not too much in this, just looks like DC celebrating with a bunch of Raiders fans in LA. Some people took it as Derek saying he’s going to the Chargers since Phillip Rivers will no longer be there. I doubt that the most. Some said they thought it was a farewell, I just don’t know. Then to pour gas on the fire, Darren Waller comments “That’s my quarterback!! 😢😢😢” which I believed to be pretty clearly referring to TO in the press conference talking about Tony Romo, in which he cried, hence the crying emoji’s. Others said that’s Darren saying goodbye.

And now this morning, Derek posts this. It’s believed that the Bears are also looking for a quarterback since Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t been great in his short career there so far. Those Twitter GM’s say this is Derek saying he’s getting traded to the Bears, to join his good friend Khalil Mack. Why that? There were also rumors the Bears wanted to trade Mack, why is it not Derek welcoming Khalil back to the Raiders?? Seems unlikely but hey, it was unlikely that the Raiders gave him up, but they did. This is the one that makes me wonder, because Derek hardly ever posts on Instagram, especially game photos in the off season, usually just a weekly picture during the season before or after a game. So this activity is unusual, and so are the circumstances. Maybe he’s just annoyed and letting everyone know he’s a Raider for life, like he’s always said? I really don’t know anymore. There’s been several reports that teams would start calling on him for a possible trade during the combine. So, I’m scared, and we will see.

Derek, if you’re reading this, I know it’s not your fault. I love you please don’t leave us. We need you, and I can’t wait to watch this team thrive again with you under center!


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