It’s only episode 2 of the new season of American Idol and I have already found my guy #AmericanIdol

Sunday night, it happened. I saw the previews for American Idol all week and they had a familiar face in them. Margie Mays *sigh*… she was on the show last year, made it through Hollywood (somehow) and was booted before the real competition started in Hawaii. So she gets up there, does her annoying warm up thingy with Katy Perry buzz buzz whatever whatever…. she didn’t blow me away, after bragging up how much she’s been working on her singing, and that’s pretty much how the judges broke it to her too. They reluctantly let her through after a surprising Katy Perry “no”. Usually it’s Katy being the push over but not for Margie I guess! Either way, not too worried about her she won’t make it any further than she did the last time she was on last season.

But this isn’t supposed to be about her, but her pianist, and boyfriend… Jonny West. Wow. Not only was it surprising just because it was such a good performance, but because he just came with Margie to help with her try out. Yeah he was planning on trying out anyway, yes he was an actual contestant with a number and what not but still, we were all expecting a Margie-like performance. Jonny came with the heat. He sang his own original song, which was great. Just kinda sucks it was probably about Margie.. she’s so annoying… but here it is..

Pretty good huh? Yeah he’s got it. He’s my guy I will be openly rooting for all year long I can see it already. Like Bryan said it himself, it just about put him in Alejandro level, who we all know was the true winner of last season… anyone who says different is just lying to themselves, the show mentioned the other guy once since it started and they talk about Alejandro it feels like ten times an episode. Back to Jonny though, another thing that is very Alejandro like is he seems super humble about his talents. He kept saying he’s only there because of Margie blah blah and Katy Perry had just the response I was looking for “yeah that’s sweet an all, but you’re going to go further than Margie, and this is going to change your life” she said it more politely towards Margie, but that’s what she meant to say. She’s one hundred percent correct. This guy has the goods and we want more of the goods. Can’t wait to see what’s next for this guy and if he blows it and is a one hit wonder please don’t come at me..

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