Thanks a lot Rudy Gobert! #NBA #Coronavirus #covid19

So if you haven’t heard, the NBA has suspended the remaining regular season, and playoffs. Why? You might ask. Well let me tell you, flash back to earlier two days ago, Rudy Gobert is in a normal routine press conference and decided to make a little joke and make sure he touches all the the microphones as left. “Ha-ha good one Rudy! You’re so funny!” is what I imagine those boring fucking beat reporters said as he wasn’t doing that. Check it out..

Yep, good joke right? Right? Well guess what? That dick head tested positive today with coronavirus, which the entire world is flipping out over. Way to go.. not only is he infected, but then goes out of his way to touch everything like a smart ass now could possibly infect others. I mean, listen, I’m not scared of the corona virus, but apparently it’s becoming a big deal. Because of this shit, the NBA season is suspended. We have no idea how long this will be, or if it even will be at all. Incredible, way to go Rudy, you ruined spring and possibly summer for all of us NBA fans. Thanks a lot

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