Official #Raiders mock draft of Big Talk Blog!

So, I just finished my first EVER mock draft… wow, what an experience. Although it was computer simulated, I was feeling the pressure. I felt like the world was resting on my shoulders, and depending on who you ask, hell, maybe it is! But anyway, I did the first four rounds, because after that if you pretend to know even 20% of the players you’re just a douche bag college football nerd and I hate you. So here’s my results of the first ever BTB Raiders mock draft

As you can see, yes I went all into the hype of the wide receivers and went with Jerry Jeudy at pick 12. I wanted to take Ceedee but those rat fuck Jets took him the pick before us, fine, whatever. Jeudy is still someone I am very happy with. Now at 19 came the interesting part.. to my surprise, Henry Ruggs III AND Tua Tagovailoa we’re available. If you know me at all, you know I love DC4. My man, Derek Carr! He’s the quarterback of this team whether to you like it or not. Also, they just signed Marcus Mariota as backup, so I passed on Tua, and didn’t think double dipping at the WR position was in our best interest, I went defense with a stud at LB Kenneth Murray. That dude is all over the field at all times and was great in coverage, which the Raiders consistently struggled at in his position over the past 15 years.

With no picks in the second round, and having to pay to be able to use the trade feature on the website I was using (fuck that), we skip right to the third where we have back to back picks with 80 and 81. Pick 80 I went with Jalen Hurts. You might think I’m contradicting myself with this pick, and you’re right. I definitely am, but I’m not at the same time. DC is the quarterback, and quite frankly I don’t see a future for Marcus Mariota outside of his contract, other than being an in case of emergency back-up. Jalen, could really put the pressure on Derek, as much as I love him, if he doesn’t put up numbers that coach Gruden wants to see, I can see a change being made. Hopefully sitting behind Derek can get Jalen ready to be a starter at some point in the future. If Derek ends up being great? Wonderful, maybe we trade Jalen in the future. If not, we have a proven winner, and I think could be a great player in the future, but not right away.

The rest of the draft, honestly, is just what it is. I should have just done three rounds, but whatever. I just picked off the needs. The main point is if this is how the Raiders end up picking, I would be really happy. So we will hope for the best tomorrow night. Good luck to everyone and their teams!


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