The First round is completed, and the Raiders shock everyone yet again.. #RaiderNation #NFLDraft

Twitter is an absolute cesspool of cancerous idiots right now. Raider Nation, what the hell is wrong with you? God theses people can’t go a day without bitching about something. My god, look.. Mike Mayock knows what he’s doing, you do not. I’m Mayock we trust! Get with the damn program. Have you not learned? Last years draft in the 4th round “Raiders select Maxx Crosby, out of Eastern Michigan” have ya ever heard of him before that? No. Well, he ended up with 10 sacks and was in consideration for DROY. So, get out of my face with all this mess. If you’re reading this you have to know what I’m talking about already. But if not…..

The now, Las Vegas, Raiders made some noise in the first round of the draft tonight. With the 12th overall pick, and ALL THREE of the top wide receivers available.. the Raider selected Henry Ruggs III. They went with the speed, a classic Al Davis move. He was probably the inspiration in that pick, which Jon Gruden loves to relate back to Al in a lot of the things he does to keep the tradition of the Raiders alive. I appreciate that a lot actually, when you have such rich history like the Raiders do, you can’t lose sight of it. Great pick by the Raiders. Ruggs will be a huge deep threat, can take the top off a defense, and will open the field up for guys like Renfrow, Waller, and even in the already dangerous run game in Josh Jacobs.

The real shocker of the night came with the 19th pick, belonging to the Raiders. Vic Tafur, of the athletic, reported that Mayock was trying like hell to trade back, but was not able to find any cooperating suitors. So, the pick was in, and they select CB Damon Arnette. Arnette played wjth Jeffrey Okudah and was second on the Ohio State defense paired with Okudah and they nicely fit together, a tough dude who played through a broken wrist this past season. He played in 53 games and started 38 in his career at OSU. So he’s got a lot of experience, and starting time, but other than that I’d be lying if I said I knew anything else about him. Judging from Mayock’s reaction, he seemed really pumped. You can tell he wanted this guy. With that being said, and like I said earlier.. He tried to trade back for a later pick, knowing they could get him later but couldn’t find any partners. So, instead of waiting, they took their guy., and I’m not mad about it. Obviously if Mayock wanted him, he must see something in the guy, so let’s give him a shot. Quit the fucking bitching, I’m so sick of it. So far there is no reason to not trust in Mayock. So in Mayock we trust.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow nights showing of the draft, showing rounds two and three, which the Raiders have three picks in the third round. Not sure what direction they will go with those. Will Jalen Hurts be there still? If so, will they snag him? I wouldn’t be upset if they do. We shall see.


PS. I’m being so serious…. please stop the slandering of these dudes. Give them a shot to see them play before cussing them and everyone else in involved in the draft room for the team. Please.

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