Odell Beckham Jr. to Vegas is a horrible idea…. but I love it #RaiderNation

As I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumor today that the Browns were shopping their top receiver OBJ. While I don’t believe either Beckham or the Browns have commented on such, it’s fun to speculate. Plus, whoever reported this got it from somewhere, and you know what they say.. where this is smoke, there is fire. There has been smoke around this big heaping pile of shit (no pun intended) guy for a while. Near the end of the 2019 season there were rumors he wanted out of Cleveland, so I’m just going with it now. It has to be true!

It really got me thinking, should the Raiders do it? Their top guy, Tyrell Williams, is on season ending IR with a torn labrum in his shoulder. Plus, after week one Henry Ruggs III came out firing, they could really have a seriously elite receiving crew if they did trade for him.

A few problems with that. For starters, OBJ is kind of a wild card. A few seasons back when he was still wjth the Giants he was filmed with a lady of the night in a hotel (I think in Vegas) eating pizza with a “white powdery” substance around. Now a few weeks ago, some trash bag skank goes on a podcast saying he likes to get shit on. Now, I know getting shit on probably has nothing to do with performance on the field. Maybe it helps? Who know. It’s just an odd fetish, but who know what else this guy has in his bag.

You can make your pros and cons for anything especially this scenario. I’m thinking football only, I would love this. Plus, everyone looks amazing in Silver & Black. Just do it Mayock, come on!!!


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