Week 2: Saints… DUB! Still undefeated! Shut up haters! #RaiderNation

Monday night football, under the brightest lights, breaking in the new beautiful Allegiant stadium, the “Death Star” where opponents dreams come to die. . The Raiders come out and look more Raider-ish than ever. Horrific defense, Brees and the Saints stroll right down the field and score and the Raiders respond by getting sacked twice and punting two straight possessions.

Great just another one of these games, I was thinking. But then those boys turned into everything we thought they were. They go on to score 24 unanswered, completely dominate the game with time of possession, pounding the ball with Josh Jacobs and tossing it to Darren Waller the big time baller as often as possible. When they do that, they are nearly unstoppable.

Darren Waller, man that guys a stud. If you didn’t know, now you know! He was a MAN last year too, but their only prime time game was week 1, and the team kinda sucked, so there wasn’t much exposure. My goodness the guy has glue for hands, tonight Carr targeted him 16 times for 12 receptions and 103 yards and a beautiful touchdown on play action on a 4th and 1. A real coming out party “hello world I am here” game for my guy Darren, who has an incredible life story to this point. If you don’t know it, I suggest you look it up!

Derek Carr… man where do I even begin. The guy is trashed week, after week, after week. He’s said it himself to begin this season. He’s sick and tired of being disrespected. Everything that goes wrong with this team for the past 5-6 years has been blamed on him. For what reason? I have no idea! Clearly, the guy can play. We saw in 2016 when there was an actual team around him, and we are seeing that type of player again. Not afraid to take shots, not afraid to change plays, and not afraid to trust his guys. Tonight Derek was 28-38, 282 yards, 3 TD, and a 120.7 QBR. Outshined the beloved Drew Brees from the second quarter on, and this is what happens when you give the guy an actual offense. I will not longer be accepting Derek Carr slander! BOOK IT!

It truly was a beautiful opening night for the incredible Allegiant stadium. I’m so glad we won the first game there, and I’m so happy the Raiders finally have a palace like that to play in. There’s no team with a stadium, uniform, and tradition like the Raiders. It’s all so incredible and sexy.

I may be jumping the gun in saying this, but the Raiders are so back. We got some dudes on this team. Some real tough and super talented dudes. We’re back. But let’s not get too high. There’s a good team in Foxborough waiting for the Raiders arrival. Time to go across the country and take care of business. As a great coach once said “We’re on to (Cincinnati) New England“

See you there!


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