Week 3: @ New England… a disgusting, horrible, pathetic loss

After a huge Monday night victory over the Saints, on a short week the Raiders travel to New England and turn back into the Raiders. Somehow after scoring 34 in the first 2 games. Manage to do absolutely nothing on offense. Is it Ruggs being out? 2 offensive line starters out? Jacobs and Waller banged up? Coming off a short week? I have no idea but it doesn’t even look the the same damn team. They didn’t even convert a third down until the fourth quarter. The only touchdown scored (I’m writing this with 5 minutes left after Pats scored to all but end it) was with 30 seconds before half time with a 30 yard penalty against Gilmore and an incredible catch by Hunter Renfrow to get them down to the 1.

After being the least penalized team the first few weeks the Raiders turned into the Raiders of the past. I don’t know where I was going with this but as I type Derek Carr just fumbled in the end zone and Patriots get another touchdown. Fuck this stupid fucking game. I’m done with this week. You can’t win them all I guess. 2-1. Buffalo next week. Refocus, Get healthy, and figure it the hell out. Please.

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