Week 5: The Las Vegas Raiders have never lost to the Kansas City Cheifs! #RaiderNation

It was a rocky start to the game, somewhat expected struggle. 14-3 real quick, looking like Cheifs were going to run away with another win after a score coming off a Derek Carr disgusting interception. But not so fast. DC said it last week, he’s fucking sick of losing, without the fuck part. He’s a good Christian man and doesn’t swear but I do, so it was said for him. He showed it today. That man balled out! Told those haters to “ bend over your kitchen tables and take it where it hurts! I’m your daddy now!”. “Check down Charlie” turned into bombs away Bobby. To be honest, it kind of looked like Carr and Mahomes switched uniforms, tossing two bomb touchdown passes. First two Nelson Agholor for 59 yards, who has been a complete surprise this season after basically being booed and harassed out of Philly, and the other a 72 yard play to Henry Ruggs III, for his first YD catch of the year. Carr finished 22-31, 347 yards, 3 TD, and 1 INT. Besides the one interception, which really was the turning point, Derek played incredibly.

Now the defense, is another story. They always suck. No matter what. No matter what players they sign, coaches the bring in, it just makes no difference. Giving up 24 points in the first half is pretty bad. Luckily, Raiders matched that 24. But then the second half came and I don’t know if the Raiders defense flipped a switch, or the Cheifs offense died. But the Raider D held the Cheifs, of all teams, to like 30 yards until the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game. Which is complete insanity if you watched the first half. No one could stop anything. Then the last few minutes come, the Raiders are up 40-24. I’m sitting there thinking “oh my god, we did it” but, not even to my surprise I shut those thoughts down real quick. Of course, the Cheifs go down and score then get the two point conversion to make it an 8 point game. Thankfully, Josh Jacobs is a certified BAUCE (Rick Ross voice) and got some tough runs and the Raiders were able to run out the clock. I will certainly take that win and shove it in everybody’s faces, that is for sure. All you haters, watch your tone around me I swear to Christ I’ll flame you. No joke. Don’t try me anymore, I’m for real with these boys. This team is different than before. We gon’ shock the world!

Bye week next. Then Tampa Bay, Brady and the knock off pirate team come to town. We’ll see how that works out for them… my guess, if we keep this up, it won’t. LFG!


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