Raiders lose. 3-3. Not the end of the world, considering the circumstances… #RaiderNation

The final score is not the true tale of this game. Truth is, Raiders held on as long as they could. It was 24-20 with about 10 minutes left into the final quarter. Raiders get the ball back and first play is a tipped interception, Thom Brady and the knock off Raiders aka the Buccaneers score two plays later, then Raiders turn it over on downs and Tampa scores again and again and again. It ends 45-20.

The Raiders come into this game without Trent Brown, who is out with COVID, Jon Abram who was in contact with Brown because that giant (literal giant) dumb fuck didn’t wear his tracking device, without starting corner Damon Arnette, without Bryan Edwards. Sam young, who was playing for Trent goes out with an injury, Gane Jackson randomly gets ejected for who the hell knows what. What’s left of the starting line, didn’t practice all week because of COVID protocols. So, it is what it is. Can’t make excuses but missing key guys and not being able to prepare definitely factors into things, would it have changed the outcome? Maybe not, but we will never know now.

I don’t even want to talk about it. It got ugly at the end. we are on to the Browns in Cleveland next week, need to rebound.

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