Week 8: A windy, snowy, icy, disgustingly normal Cleveland day, the Raiders are back into the win column.. 4-3! #RaiderNation

On an absolutely horrific day, the Raiders early start couldn’t have began in a more unfortunate fashion. For starters, these Raiders are living in Vegas, in the desert.. they come to Cleveland and it’s a windy wintery mess with forty mile an hour winds. Sleet, hail, rain, snow, this game had it all, and it made for some ugly football. The passing game for both teams was pretty much non existent, Derek Carr finished 15/24 for 112 yards and 1 touchdown. Gross.

Luckily, the Raiders ground game showed up today, despite losing Trent Brown about an hour before game time, with an issue with an IV letting air into his blood? He was hospitalized and will have to stay in Cleveland overnight for extra care, so hopefully everything is okay with Trent. Josh Jacobs returned to form, looking great after last weeks terrible rushing game. He finished with 31 carries and 128 yards. Derek Carr even had 6 carries for 41 yards, with more than just roll outs. There were a couple plays designed for DC to run. It was nice to finally see him use his legs and not throw balls away and give up downs and yards. The Raiders had 15 plays that resulted in first downs (that’s a lot). Derek is going out here and proving haters wrong this year, as he said he would. They said he couldn’t win in Kansas City, he did that. They said he couldn’t play in cold weather games, and he showed that today. What’s next? Hopefully a playoff win.

Let’s keep this thing rolling. I expect a fired up Raiders team going into Denver with and throughout the rest of the season. If they play up to par, they will have a real shot at making the playoffs and then who knows what could happen. But, one week at a time…. next week we head out to Denver and take on the Bronc-hoes and that lesbian lookin-ass bitch, Drew Lock. Sure, he just won me a nice parlay, but I’m already looking ahead. I want him on his back at least 5 times next week. I’m predicting a big time win for the Raiders. They are better than the Broncos in every aspect of the game, in my humble opinion.


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