It’s only episode 2 of the new season of American Idol and I have already found my guy #AmericanIdol

Sunday night, it happened. I saw the previews for American Idol all week and they had a familiar face in them. Margie Mays *sigh*... she was on the show last year, made it through Hollywood (somehow) and was booted before the real competition started in Hawaii. So she gets up there, does her annoying warm [...]

My quarterback is really starting to scare me… #RaiderNation #NFL

Now that the Super Bowl is over, and there’s nothing else to do, the rumor mills are swirling. Of course, Derek Carr being right in the thick of it. Which isn’t surprising, since yet again the Raiders failed to miss the playoffs, and everyone blames just about everything on DC, whether it’s his fault or [...]

Miami Takes 2 of the 3 skills Competitions #HeatTwitter #NBA #NBAALLSTAR

Miami Takes 2 of the 3 skills Competitions #HeatTwitter #NBA #NBAALLSTAR

Yes, that's right. The Miami Heat dominates All-Star weekend. Bam Adebayo showed off his skills in the Skills Competition which is a course that ends with a three point shot. Dwyane Wade, Bam's former teammate, Heat legend and Hall Of Famer, was commentating and alluded to Bam's lack of three point shooting in which he [...]

AB talking to Gruden, no thank you…

AB talking to Gruden, no thank you… I’m with Mitch on this one.... Jesus Christ, Jon. Why are you talking to this asshole? He completely fucked the Raiders up last off season. “we’ll see how it goes” yeah, I’m guessing it’s not going anywhere. Right AB’s only concern is AB getting back into the league and sucking up to everyone he [...]